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Hi there, glad you found me on the worldwide wilderness! I'm Erik,

I work as a freelance illustrator in Groningen, The Netherlands. My personal style is mostly focused on cats and my favourite colors,

pink and purple. No worries if your project needs another aesthetic though, I'm fluent in creating vector-based artwork and I'm quick to connect the right style with your brand. Not every project requires cute kitties (negotiable). Other things I like are dogs, pizza and the 90s.

Experienced as an illustrator and creative consultant on a variety of project types in the toy industry, I've learned to use my creative mind during the concept phase, while staying pragmatic and up to speed during the production phase, where reliability is key. As I worked in different departments, I bring a broad expertise base to every project I work on.


- Brand Identity Design

- Character Design

- Packaging Design 

- Technical illustrations for Instruction Manuals

- Mock-ups and Prototypes Development



WowWee / Spinmaster / University of Groningen 

CBK Groningen / Catcafe Poeslief / Ustudio Design

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