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Privacy Policy – Erik Buikema
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Privacy Policy

Conform the New General Protection Regulation (AVG/GDPR) I am obliged to provide you, a visitor of my website, insights regarding your data and how this data is being used once you visit my website. Please find the privacy policy below.

In case you buy or have bought products through my Etsy webshop, please check the privacy policy on my Etsy website. This data differs from the data being used through my personal website and thus has a different privacy policy which you can find on Etsy.

1. What data is collected?

This website contains a contact form in order for you to reach out to me. Only when you fill in the contact form I will collect specific information that is necessary in order for me to reply to your question or message properly. This personal information includes your name, e-mail address and any personal information you are willing to share in the message section of the contact form. Other data might include consequential information that you are willing to share in the e-mail contact afterwards. Only data that is necessary to establish a work related contact is being used for this.

Once we establish a work-related collaboration (e.g. wholesale agreement, art licensing, or freelance opportunity) I might need more information regarding you or your company. This could be for example your billing address, your order, company information and other data that is necessary for me to function properly as a company and provide you with the agreed service.

This website also makes use of cookies in order to function properly. This is for technical purposes only and no personal data is collected.

2. Why is this data collected?

The data collected from the contact form is used to establish a proper customer service to help you with your question or remark or resolve a dispute.

In the situation where we come to a work related agreement, the additional data that is collected is used to fulfill my administrative and legal obligations as a registered company in the Netherlands. This includes for example my legal obligation as a company to do tax registration for which I would need certain information about you in order to fulfill my duties regarding this. Additionally this information can also be used to provide you with the agreed service (e.g. customer service, resolve disputes, shipping).

This means data is used for legitimate purposes that focus on providing and improving my services to you as a customer or client, which should not exceed your rights or interests. Thus, your information is being used to provide you with the by you requested services and include all corresponding obligations for me as a company in order to legally meet and fulfill this customer or client request. If necessary information could be used to comply to court order or other legal obligations.

3. Is information being shared with third parties?

This website is being hosted by SiteGround and the software runs on WordPress. Both companies have agreed to the AVG/GDPR rules and I trust in their intentions and promise to uphold this policy. These companies may collect metadata about the use of their services but do not take personal data.

E-mails send through the contact form are delivered to me via Google Mail. In case we come to a specific working agreement, these e-mails are saved for a period of time to establish a proper working relationship. I trust in Privacy Shield as the legal basis for this transaction, seeing the fact that Google Drive and Gmail are certified by Privacy Shield.

Only in case we come to a work-related agreement, your information might be shared to necessary third parties such as:
– Shipping services – In case there is an order of products or services that require shipping, I share information with trustworthy and official postal services such as PostNL, Sandd or DHL in order to make sure your order is being shipped properly your way. Only if necessary your information is shared with service providers that are necessary in comply with your requests or our agreement.
– Tax Authorities – If necessary your information is used for tax registration and to meet the requirements of being established as an official company in the Netherlands. I need to fulfill the duties as a company in order to provide you with the by you requested service.
– Legal and Juridical Obligations: If necessary your information could be collected and used in case this is lawfully necessary for situations such as: (a) to respond to juridical obligations or government requests (b) in compliance to agreements, set terms and policies (c) to prevent, investigate and deal with fraud or illegal activities (d) to protect the rights, safety and property of customers, myself or others.
– In case of selling my company or merging my business data could be part of this transaction, but only if this would be legally permitted.

4. How long is data stored?

Data is stored for the duration necessary to provide you with my services as stated in my privacy policy. Information provided in the contact form that does not lead to further correspondence or a work-related collaboration is not stored or used after the contact has ended. The information (in this case e-mail) might be stored for a period of time in case contact is re-established. I only store personal information for the duration necessary to provide you with my services as stated in my privacy policy.

In the situation of an agreement or collaboration the duration of data storage depends on the consequential administrative and legal obligations for me as a registered company. Tax Authorities in the Netherlands legally oblige me to store basic administration for the duration of seven years (fiscal retention). If necessary, information could be stored in the case of resolving a dispute or in order to maintain established agreements.

5. Transmission of personal data outside the EU

I may store and manage your data through hosting services of thirds in the United States and other jurisdictions. As a result it could be that your data is transferred to a jurisdiction with different laws and regulations regarding data protection than yours. In case I am requested to transfer your data outside the EU, I trust in Privacy Shield as the legal basis for this transaction, seeing the fact that Google Drive and Gmail are certified by Privacy Shield.

6. Your rights regarding your data

Your rights regarding your data are specific to the area you live in. In case you live in specific areas such as the EU you are entitled to certain rights regarding your personal data. While some of these rights are generally applicable, some of these rights apply to specific limited situations.

(a) Access to your data: You have the right to access your data and receive a copy of the personal information I have in my possession of you. You can contact me as described in part 7 of this privacy policy.
(b) Adjust, restrict or remove your data: You possibly might also have the right to adjust your personal information, restrict my usage of your information, or the right to remove this information. In case there are no exceptional circumstances (e.g. legal reasons or motivations to store your information) I will delete your personal information if requested by you.
(c) Objections: You may object (1) my way of processing parts of your information or you may object (2) receiving marketing messages after you provided me with permission to receive such messages. In such instances I will remove your personal data unless I have legitimate reasons to continue using personal data or if juridical reasons force me to keep using data.
(d) Complaints: If you live inside the EU and you are worried about my usage of your personal and want to express these concerns, you have the right to address your complaints at your local authorities for data protection.

7. Contacting me

In compliance to the European law regarding data protection, I am -Erik Buikema- the manager of your personal information.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can send an email to e.l.buikema@gmail.com or send me a letter:

Erik Buikema
Rembrandt van Rijnstraat 123
9718 PK Groningen
The Netherlands

+ 31 643405267
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